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Yoga Engelberg

Yoga in Engelberg

If you once got into the world of yoga it is hard not to keep on going. We have the opportunity to work with Samira, whom is a trained yoga teacher. She has worked and trained in London before she decided to move to Engelberg with her family. Samira is not just teaching bespoke yoga classes - she also arrange popular events and weekend retreats, such as mountain getaways, yoga and meditation workshops, and mindfulness sessions. Please have a look here to find out which one you would like to book - if you are unsure what to pick but are interested in giving Samira and yoga a try, feel free to talk to the reception when staying with us!

Contact Samira for a yoga class or if you have questions.

SAMiRAYOGA contact details:
Tel: +41788761101


Hit the weights at the local gym in Engelberg - exclusive discount

In cooperation with the local gym Finess & physiotherapie Titlis  we are happy to give you ample opportunities to keep up with your gym sessions. Just because you're on vacation and are hitting the ski slopes doesn't mean you should be skipping out on your gym workout sessions!

The gym is only a stone's throw away from the hotel, and features a 500 m2 large modern gym environment with all the modern amenities you could wish for. Opportunities for getting a massage,  signing up for fitness classes, teaming up with a nutritionist to really get the most out of your skiing sessions, rehab for when you need to wind down and treat weary legs after a rough day of skiing and much more is available for you at Fitness & Physiotherapie Titlis. The gym is open 24/7 every day of the week and hosts an impressive roster of personal trainers, one among them being Ivan Bucher, considered to be one of the absolute best personal trainers in Switzerland.


Fitness & Physiotherapie Titlis
Titlisstrasse 8, CH-6390 Engelberg
Mail: or
Tel: +41 41 500 12 02

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