Sulz Engelberg

Ski guide to little & big Sulz in Engelberg

Little and Big Sulz offer great skiing, allowing you to really enjoy yourself. Sulz is regarded as the most playful piste area of the big five in Engelberg. Keep reading to learn more about this off-piste area.

How to get to and from Sulz

Take the lift from Engelberg up to Trübsee and take the Trübsee-Hopper to get to Jochpass, which you take up to Jochstock Xpress. Go on Jochstock Xpress all the way up. From there, you will see a rope which you will go under. Then you keep to the right to get to Big Sulz. Or keep left if you want to reach Little Sulz.

Finding your way back to the lift system from certain end points on the descents may be difficult. From the bottom of Big Sulz you can walk to a station on the Trübsee-Hopper chair lift. At the end of Little Sulz, you can take a traverse to the Trübsee-Hopper lift or the Alpstubli restaurant.

What is skiing on Sulz like?

As there are various ways to take Sulz on, there is a lot to try out in this area. It offers diverse and playful skiing with beautiful views and interesting traverses. Sulz is often spoken of as a big playground, where you can take it easy and have fun. If you want to warm up or try a smaller off-piste area, we recommend Little Sulz.

Good to know

  • Bring a map to find your way back afterwards without trouble.
  • Little Sulz is a good warm-up.
  • Only go skiing on Little Sulz if visibility is good.

Facts about Sulz

  • Level of difficulty: Medium
  • Duration: 7 minutes
  • Peak: 2500 m a.s.l.
  • Descent: 729 m
  • Distance: 2,4 km
  • Terrain: Varied. Big Sulz is steep in certain places.

Skiing close to Sulz

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