Ski guide to Steintal/Steintäli in Engelberg

If you are after untouched powder and want an unrivalled powder skiing experience in Switzerland, Steintal (also known as Steintäli) might be your best option in Engelberg, as the likelihood of finding exactly that here is relatively high. Keep reading to learn more about off-piste skiing on Steintal!

How to get to and from Steintal

From Engelberg - take the Titlis Express to Trübsee, then take the Trübsee-Hopper to the Jochpass lift. Hop on this lift and go up to Jochstock-Xpress. From the top of the Jochstock-Xpress, ski under the lift and take a left. Then go down into the Steintal valley.

Do not miss the traverse towards the end of the route, avoiding going too far down the mountainside. Otherwise you are in for a strenuous walk back. From the traverse you can reach the Engstlenalp chair lift.

What is skiing on Steintal like?

Because of the location of Steintal, parts of the powder on this mountainside sometimes stays untouched for multiple days after the snow has fallen. Steintal offers a short but enjoyable off-piste experience, giving you the opportunity to spend some undisturbed time close to nature and the mountain. Another positive factor is that you will rarely find much snow-free ground here during the ski season.

Good to know

This can be good to know before you go skiing on Steintal:

  • Do not miss turning off onto the traverse towards the bottom of the mountain, otherwise you are going to have to take a sweaty walk back.
  • From the highest starting point, the incline is steep. If you choose a lower starting point, you may run into rocks and cliffs.

Facts about Steintal

  • Level of difficulty: Medium
  • Duration: 7 minutes
  • Peak: 2507 m a.s.l.
  • Descent: 576 m
  • Distance: 2 km
  • Terrain: High probability of snow. Often untouched powder on wide mountainside.

Skiing close to Steintal

  • Sulz
  • Galtiberg

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