Steinberg Engelberg

Glacier skiing at its best

If you want to ski a glacier while in Engelberg, you should not miss Steinberg. But we recommend bringing a mountain guide. Keep reading to learn more about glacier skiing on Steinberg!

How to get to and from Steinberg

From Engelberg you take the Titlis Express lift, followed by Titlis Rotair. When you are up on the mountain, it is easy to get to Steinberg. Go out on the first snow field to the left, heading towards the ski system.

Do not go out on Steinberg on a whim. This route involves challenging skiing on a glacier. At the bottom of the mountainside you will reach a lake, from which it is easy to find the lift.

What is skiing on Steinberg like?

Steinberg takes you across a glacier and offers a memorable skiing experience. On your way down to Trübsee there are various tracks you could take. But the classic S-track is the least difficult alternative. And it leads you around most of the areas with perilous crevasses in the glacier.

Once you can find your way around Steinberg the skiing is pleasant, with snowfields mixed with more challenging terrain. This is varied and breath-taking skiing, but not something you should take on by yourself.

Good to know

This can be good to keep in mind if you are curious about skiing on Steinberg:

  • There are crevasses in the Steinberg glacier, and a significant risk of falling.
  • Respect fog and bad visibility, as you might get lost.
  • Going with a mountain guide is highly recommended.

Facts about Steinberg

  • Level of difficulty: Medium
  • Duration: 16 minutes
  • Peak: 3039 m a.s.l.
  • Descent: 1275 m
  • Distance: 4,5 km
  • Terrain: Glacier, open snow fields mixed with difficult terrain.

Skiing near Steinberg

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