Guide to one of Engelberg’s most well-known off-piste areas

Laub offers the type of skiing that is synonymous with the Engelberg area. And the experience can be tailored to your skill level. Keep reading and learn more about everything you should know!

How to get to and from Laub

To get to the most well-known off-piste area in Engelberg, hop on the Laubersgrat lift. At the final station, turn right below the lift and go down to the black piste. After about 350 metres, you will see a traverse. Take it. When you see the stunning views of Engelberg you have reached your starting point.

You can ski Laub in various ways, but all roads lead to the endpoint by the Ritz. From there you can walk or pay a small sum to take a minibus to Gershnialp.

What is skiing on Laub like?

To make the classic descent of Laub, keep to the middle of the area. This track is not that difficult but may fatigue you as it is very long. If you are keen on more complicated skiing, you should keep on the steeper left side.

If you stay on the classic route you only need to make sure to not go too far out on the right side, as there are cliffs there. Despite Laub being well-known and relatively uncomplicated, there are rarely very many skiers here. Perhaps due to the large snow fields and the long way back.

Good to know

This can be good to keep in mind if you want to go skiing on Laub.

  • The top is steep.
  • To the right of Laub, there is a nature reserve.
  • The name Laub originates from the word for avalanche, and avalanches are not uncommon in this area. Keep informed on the forecast and make sure to bring the right equipment.

Facts about Laub

  • Level of difficulty: Medium
  • Duration: 10 minutes
  • Peak: 2449 m a.s.l.
  • Descent: 1194 m
  • Distance: 3,2 km
  • Terrain: Large open snow fields, cliffs, more difficult terrain in certain parts.

Skiing close to Laub

  • Galtiberg
  • Titlis
  • Wendenlücke

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