A guide to the crown jewel of Engelberg

A long-lasting off-piste adventure at a high level of difficulty, that about sums up Galtiberg. Swoosh across a large glacier field, navigate wooden terrain and keep your head cool. Keep reading to learn more about skiing on Galtiberg in Engelberg!

How to get to and from Galtiberg

Take the Titlis Xpress and Titlis Rotair lifts from Engelberg, and Galtiberg will be right next to the top when you get off. You should bring a mountain guide, something we will bring up again later in the text.

At the bottom of this off-piste area, you end up in Fürenalp. Buses back to Engelberg depart from there during the winter season. The bus rides are free of charge and depart about every half hour. Learn more about the bus between Fürenalp an Bahnhof (Engelberg).

What is skiing on Galtiberg like?

With its 2000 metres Galtiberg is one of the longest off-piste runs in Engelberg – and the Alps! On your way down you will experience diverse environments with wide-stretching glacier fields, high cliffs and woodland. But this memorable skiing experience does not come without certain risks.

The run itself starts off with a large glacier field, then you can go down “Graben” or “The traverse”. Further down the descent you reach a woodland area, where there are rocks to avoid and the snow might be a bit thinner.

Good to know

Galtiberg is a brilliant experience, but you should not go out there without thinking it over. These things are good to keep in mind:

  • Some parts of Galtiberg involve a notable risk.
  • Only attempt Galtiberg if you are an experienced off-piste skier.
  • We recommend bringing a mountain guide for safer skiing.
  • Keep yourself updated on the forecasts for weather and avalanches in the area.

Facts about Galtiberg

  • Level of difficulty: High, you should be experienced in off-piste skiing and bring a mountain guide.
  • Duration: 35 minutes
  • Peak: 3020 m a.s.l.
  • Descent: 2000 m
  • Distance: 8 km
  • Terrain: Mixed environment with cliffs, woodland and mountainside.

Skiing near Galtiberg

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