Hire a mountain guide in Engelberg

Rule the mountain - with a little help

Go freeriding with a guide

Engelberg is considered one of the best freeride destinations in the Swiss Alps with ski runs like Laub, Steinberg or Galtiberg renowned across the freerider scene. Our local mountain guides can take you on unforgettable 2000m-downhill backcountry ski runs so be prepared for waist-deep powder!

Freeride equipment such as freeride skis, poss. tour-bindings with skins, avalanche transceiver, probe, shovel, backpack can all be rented here in Engelberg. Check out our page about ski rental in Engelberg for more information.

We strongly recommend that you hire a mountain guide before going off-piste and never go without an avalanche transceiver.

We do recommend that you book in advance of your arrival. Engelberg Mountain Guides are in heavy demand especially during weekends. Please check out their website for more info.