Golfing in Engelberg

Golf in Engelberg

Golfing in Engelberg is marvellous, for several reasons. For starters, the golf course is framed by astounding mountain tops and hillsides covered in forest, so beautiful they could have been made for a movie set. You might feel like spinning around while singing like Maria in Sound of Music, or maybe you will focus on lowering your handicap. On the 18-hole golf course it is made clear that golfing in Engelberg can offer the best of nature and sport in one place. Here you can practise your putt and swing between May and October on a well-kept course, while breathing in the calm of the Alpine air with every breath.

Golfing in engelberg

Play golf in dreamy Engelberg

Book group classes or private lessons, to seriously improve your golf technique during your time in Engelberg. Just make sure that you do not forget to look around now and again, up along the mountain sides and further towards the gorgeous sky. Take a moment to enjoy the moment on your way to the 18th hole in this wonderful environment.