Summer activities in Engelberg

Things to do in Engelberg during spring & summer

Engelberg in the summer

When the snow melts away and the Alpine flowers bloom, this little village shows a whole new side of itself. There is a lot of things to do in Engelberg during the summer. From relaxing in the crisp mountain air, to trying out exhilarating activities for lively children and adventurous adults. On foot, by bike or floating through the air while paragliding. Not that skiing isn't great, but Engelberg during the summer is an experience that should not be missed out on.

Summer activities in Engelberg

Among the summer activities available in Engelberg there is something for everyone. In and around the village, you can do things at your own pace. Take a morning hike and round it off with a lunch in the sun or venture out on a Via Ferrata to climb the mountains. Whatever you decide on you will be surrounded by nature. The closeness to the breath-taking mountains has led to a lot of activities involving going up- and downhill, but there are also more flat trails for hiking and biking.

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