Paragliding in Engelberg

Paragliding in Engelberg

When the skies are clear you have a chance to see Engelberg from above! Paragliding in Engelberg is an opportunity to soar through the air and over the Alps, for a memorable experience. You will most likely get butterflies, and a taste for more.

Float over Engelberg while paragliding

Paragliding will allow you to see Engelberg from a whole new perspective – that of the birds! Many of us dream of flying. Not in an airplane but in a more direct way, with the wind in our hair. Does this sound familiar? Then paragliding is something you should give a go. The actual flying is very easy, and you will feel as free as a bird.

You do not need to be very fit to paraglide, and you are never alone up there. To make sure that you make your way back down safely, a paragliding expert will come along on your flight.

There are plenty of paragliding guides in Engelberg. Something to keep in mind is that, to ensure safety, the flight can only happen if the weather is good.