Hiking in Engelberg

Hiking in Engelberg

For visitors during the summer months, hiking is a must in Engelberg. For newcomers, the closeness to the impressive mountain tops is breath-taking. And during the middle of the year, the leafy valleys come to life.

In and around Engelberg, there are numerous well-marked hiking trails, for the experienced outdoorsperson and those wanting to keep things simple. Venture into tough terrain (with the right equipment and knowledge of course) or experience the crystal-clear lakes and crispy Alpine landscape during a quiet walk.

See woods and mountains while walking in Engelberg

Whether you are 7 or 70 years old, Engelberg has a trail that will fit your interests and ability. There are plenty of creeks to dip your toes in and benches to have a rest on, but also opportunities to test your limits if that is something that you would like to do. Activities in Engelberg tend to offer a taste of the extreme, and hiking is no exception. Best of all – there are so many hiking opportunities in Engelberg that you will most likely never have time to try them all!

Hike around the four lakes

The Four-lake hike is a classic in Engelberg. It will immerse you in spectacular views and calmness radiated from the powerful nature. The main attractions of this route, the lakes, are called Trübsee, Engstlensee, Tannensee and Melchsee. Like gemstones interspersed in the landscape, their waters shift from deep blue to turquoise. While going up and down the hillside on this route, you will hear the sound of cowbells from animals gracing nearby. Perhaps foremost, you will get away from everything that you are used to for about five hours, alone with your thoughts or together with someone you care about. Contact us for more information about hiking in Engelberg, and our hotel.