Bicycling in Engelberg

Cycling in Engelberg

There are plenty of opportunities for cycling in and around Engelberg. Go mountain biking, downhill or pedal along the regular way. Cycle at full speed with sharp turns and challenging trails or choose more relaxing tracks where you get a chance to appreciate the marvellous nature on the way. In this Alpine village there is something for most cyclists.

With clearly marked trails it is easy to get from a to b by bike in Engelberg, regardless of your cycling style. Some wish to focus completely on putting their physical abilities to the test. But cycling can also be a way to discover the rich history of the region, observe natural scenes that have been moulded through multiple ice ages, and let the wheels spin faster when going downhill.

Mountain biking and downhill in Engelberg

If you enjoy mountain biking, the steep slopes of Engelberg are well worth trying. Enjoy the rapid speeds and put your technique and balance to the test. The terrain around Engelberg can be truly challenging, in the best possible way if you love mountain biking.

Engelberg by bike in the summer

This is the Alps after all, so the ground is mostly far from flat. But around Engelberg you will find bike trails at every level of difficulty. There are also plenty of opportunities to stop for lunch or a rest along the way, with the summer sun beaming over the gorgeous surroundings. Do not hesitate to ask us if you would like some advice on where to find bikes and routes that fit your preference.