Biking in Engelberg

Biking in Engelberg

There are plenty of opportunities for cycling in and around Engelberg. Go mountain biking, downhill or pedal along the regular way. Go biking at full speed with sharp turns and challenging biking trails or choose more relaxing tracks where you get a chance to appreciate the marvelous nature on the way. In this Alpine village there is something for most cyclists.

With clearly marked bike trails it is easy to get from a to b by bike in Engelberg, regardless of your biking style. Some wish to focus completely on putting their physical abilities to the test. But cycling can also be a way to discover the rich history of the region, observe natural scenes that have been molded through multiple ice ages, and let the wheels spin faster when going downhill.

Mountain biking and downhill in Engelberg

If you enjoy mountain biking, the steep slopes of Engelberg are well worth trying. Enjoy the rapid speeds and put your technique and balance to the test. The terrain around Engelberg can be truly challenging, in the best possible way if you love mountain biking.

Engelberg by bike in the summer

This is the Alps after all, so the ground is mostly far from flat. But around Engelberg you will find bike trails at every level of difficulty. There are also plenty of opportunities to stop for lunch or a rest along the way, with the summer sun beaming over the gorgeous surroundings. Do not hesitate to ask us if you would like some advice on where to find bikes and routes that fit your preference.

The best cycling routes in Engelberg – mountainbike and downhill

As mentioned, Engelberg offers a huge variety of interesting bike trails, whether you're a beginner or an avid biking enthusiast. Here we have compiled our favourite biking routes in Engelberg, to give you an idea of what challenges to tackle once you're here.

Jochpass trail

The new Jochpass trail provides a great downhill experience for beginners as well as advanced cyclists, completed by the kind of stunning views that Engelberg is known for. With winding twists and turns, you can make this flow trail as easy or difficult as you wish. For this reason, the trail between Jochpass and Trübsee has become a favourite for many. It covers about four and a half kilometres and should be ridden between June and October.

The easiest way to get to the start of the Jochpass trail from Engelberg is to take the Titlis Xpress lift. The short but fast paced bike ride will take you between 15 and 20 minutes.

Stäfeli Engelberg

This bike trail offers a calm and enchanting experience of nature. You set off from the Engelberg village, pedalling past waterfalls and multiple restaurants where you can stop for a refreshing lunch.

Parts of the trail are gravel, others tarmac and nature paths. Roots and creeks might force you to get of your bike every now and again, but that only contributes to the experience. The Stäfeli Engelberg trail is around 9 kilometres long, only requires moderate fitness and can be ridden between May and October.


Going uphill for about 14 kilometres, the trail from Engelberg to Brunnihütte is a challenge for most cyclists. Start by taking the tarmac road to Ristis. From there, take the more challenging gravel road to reach your destination. The last bit is extra steep, so do not be surprised if you must get of your bike here and walk with it. Remember to keep an eye out for traffic!

The bike ride will take you about 2,5 hours, ranks as medium in difficulty and offers stunning natural scenes and views of Mt Titlis. Going uphill from start to finish might seem like a massive challenge, but you get multiple opportunities to stop along the way, to sit down and have a breather. Once you reach Brunnihütte you can relax on the large sun terrace with something to drink or eat, while admiring the lovely view.

Surenenpass (Engelberg-Erstfeld)

If you enjoy challenging hills and valleys, Surenenpass is the right mountain bike trail for you. You will start off in Engelberg, with an uphill slope. The incline can be handled by most, excluding the final stretch where most get off their bike and walk alongside it.

After that, you can look forward to a downhill ride, that will challenge your technique and keep you on your toes in the best way possible. The trail at Surenenpass will take you about five hours and covers about 26,8 kilometres. It is a challenging trail for most, but a lot of fun as well.

Experience Engelberg on e-bike

An e-bike is equipped with an electric engine to help you when going uphill. Perfect if you are wanting a more relaxing than strenuous bike ride. E-bikes are easy to handle and sure to provide a great cycling experience in Engelberg. As far as bike trails, we recommend trying out Blackenalp, Brunni and Gerschnialp on an e-bike.

The road to Blackenalp starts at Engelberg and brings you past marvellous nature scenes. It also provides many opportunities to stop off for a bite to eat. The level of difficulty is around medium, and the path covers about 16 kilometres. Count on the trail taking around 1 hour and 40 minutes to complete.

The bike trail to Brunni weaves across the sunny side of Engelberg, although some parts are shaded by the surrounding woods. The Brunni path has a medium level of difficulty, is about 10 kilometres long and takes about 1 and a half hours to complete. 

When the sun beams down and you would rather stay on shady paths, the Gerschnialp trail is a perfect choice. The majority of its 14 kilometres stay in the woods, providing pleasant shade (even though you will be cycling uphill). Along the way you will find restaurants and opportunities to sample local cheese. Expect the bike ride to take around 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Bike trail etiquette

The rules for cycling and mountain biking in Engelberg are not complicated. But showing respect for nature and other people is seen as good etiquette. We would like to give the following advice, for you to keep in mind when venturing out on the bike trails:

  • Respect other cyclists and hikers. Make sure to keep a safe distance and communicate that you are approaching if others might not see you. Slow down when crossing roads and paths. Avoid sections with a lot of traffic, when possible. Keep in mind that some trails are used by both cyclists and hikers, and that everyone should be able to enjoy these paths.
  • Protect your surroundings. The bike trails around Engelberg offer stunning nature scenes, and we ask you to enjoy them in a responsible manner. Use the marked bike trails, do not go off track and respect trail closures and protected areas. Be considerate of wild as well as domesticated animals that might show up. Close gates behind you and keep a distance to farm animals.
  • Bring the right equipment. A helmet, warm and water-resistant clothes, repair kit and first aid kit are highly recommended. Make sure to inspect your bike before setting off. Do not hesitate to ask for help if you need it. The emergency number is 112 and you can reach Rega Air Rescue by calling 1414.

Guided mountain biking in Engelberg

If you are not used to the Alpine terrain or want to polish your technique, a tour with a mountain bike guide can be a great resource. A guide can give you advice on your cycling technique, help you find unexplored paths and is pleasant company.

Go on a guided mountain biking tour and learn how to test your limits in a safe way. There are also cycling courses for kids available in Engelberg, even for those that have never tried mountain biking before. So regardless of age and skill level, there is an option for you.

Bike shops in Engelberg – for buying and renting mountain bikes

If you want to go biking in Engelberg, but did not pack everything you needed, there are multiple places to rent or buy equipment in the area. For example mountain bikes, downhill bikes, bikes for children and helmets. We recommend: