Let's rock

Erfolgreich seit 2007

Apres Ski Engelberg

Hoheneck Bar im Erdgeschoss. Hier spielt Live- Musik während der ganzen Wintersaison. Zwischendurch wechseln sich Live-Band und DJ ab, damit unsere Gäste durchgehend ein volles Programm und einen unterhaltsamen Abend geniessen können. Viele unserer Live-Bands treten seit Jahren auf und haben ein treues Publikum. Wir wagen uns zu sagen, dass wir Engelbergs coolste Partybar sind.

Achtung! Die Tema-abends dieses Jahr nicht verpassen

Hoheneck Entertainment 2019/20

29th DJ Erik Wretman Urban
30th Mange Schmidt Rap/hip hop
9th Mathias "Biffen" Larsson. Dinner and a show, reservations only.
14th The 69'ers Blues/Rock n' roll.
17th DJ Tingeling Disco Dienstags!
25th DJ Le Fis Turntablist party DJ
27+28th Cheop's Cave Indy/Rock
31st Acousoft Dinner entertainment, reservations only
31st The Factory smokers Dirty bluesrock, late night party!
31st DJs The Fonky Lovers
01-4th Acousoft Covers and party hits
8-11th Wild Night Orchestra Reggae, Americana, blues, rock
9th Hawaii Party Hawaii theme in the bar, dress up or shut up!
15-18th Wild Night Orchestra Reggae, Americana, blues, rock
22-25th Sweet Crisis Alternative rock, soulful.
29-1st feb Merry Mates Hard Rock cover band
30th Silver Night Dress up to sparkle!
5-8th Mathias "Biffen" Larsson Solo on stage
12-15th Mathias "Biffen" Larsson band Biffen with a band!
19-22nd Supersci ft. Remedeh Legendary Hip Hop collective. Extra DJs, extra everything!
26-29th Acousoft? Not confirmed
27th Hippie Party Retro clothes, retro music, retro beer.
4-7th Johnny And The Flames Rock covers
11-14th Engelboys Rock, Opera, Rat Pack, Original songs and everything in between!
12th RAVE! Rave Cave in Hoheneck bar!
18-21st Brand New Logic Rock covers
27+28th The Factory smokers Dirty bluesrock, not to be missed.
1-4th Wild Night Trio To be confirmed.
2nd Army night Come on and camo!
8-11th No Big Deal Big mix of covers, arena style!
15-18th Attack:Schwedepack! Loud covers and Swedish Delights.