General Conditions


I. General

a) The guests are responsible to inform themselves about the General Conditions for the stay at Hotel Hoheneck and the fire alarm and security policy. In case of evacuation the gathering place is outside on the Dorfstrasse on the west side of the house.

b) The hotel reserves the right to change and correct information given to the guests, regarding but not limited to: price quotes, availability, conditions for third party services, room allocations and other services within reasonable time from when the misinformation was discovered. The hotel also reserves the right to correct obvious mistakes, typos and unrealistic conditions when they are discovered.

II. Reservations

a) For normal reservations (if nothing else is agreed):

Cancellation 15 days or more before arrival: no cancellation fee.

Cancellation 14-7 days before arrival: 10% of the whole stay.

Cancellation 6-2 days before arrival: 30% of the whole stay.

Cancellation 1 day before arrival: 100% of the whole stay.

No-show: 100% of the whole stay.

The credit card details will be used in order to guarantee the room for the guest and as a guarantee for the hotel when the reservation is applicable to the cancellation policy.

b) During special circumstances the hotel may require a Final Confirmation as a binding agreement of the reservation. The hotel is liable to clearly inform the customer of the Final Confirmation in written. The credit card details will be used in order to guarantee the room for the guest and as a guarantee for the hotel.

c) The hotel is entitled to use credit card details to withdraw unpaid and outstanding liabilities, including but not limited to: late cancellation (see the cancellation policy) unpaid dinner/lounge/bar bills, unpaid bills for services reserved from and through the hotel and damages of the premises caused by the guest, violating the non-smoking policy and for not handing in the key(s) at check-out. Missing keys are normally charged with 120sfr per set of keys (door key, room key and badge).

III. Services

a) The Hotel provides services and information from third parties from time to time. The Hotel is not liable to damage and inconveniencies due to misinformation from or about these services. The guest is always responsible to double check and seeks first-hand information.

b) The hotel occasionally offers dinner included in the room rate. The dinner normally consists of a three-course meal with self-service at buffet. Drinks are not included except for fresh tap water.

c) The hotel reserves the right to cancel the dinner services for any reason. If so, the guests that have dinner included shall have compensation with the actual price or, if includes in a package, CHF 40 for adults and CHF 25 for children under 12 years. No reduction for children under the age of 6, who normally eats for free in the hotel. If the guest has discounted rates, the compensation will be reduced accordingly.

d) The hotel is entitled to relocate the dinner service to a nearby hotel or restaurant. The hotel should inform the guest within reasonable time.

IV. Behaviors

a) The hotel offers “Honesty Services” which includes the possibility to self-register purchase of drinks and goods. The “Honesty” concept is not a voluntarily pay service. The consumption and purchase is a normal commercial transaction. Signing of the vouchers for consumption shall be done in immediate relation to when the guest is collecting the items. Misuse of the Honesty Service gives the Hotel the right to expel the guest.

b) The guests are obliged to follow local customs and rules for good behavior in the hotel. Including but not limited to: respectful behavior towards other guests and hotel staff, low noise in the hotel, signing vouchers for (dinner/lounge/bar).

c) The hotel offers WiFi Internet services at current rates or for free. The guests are liable to misuse of the service which includes but is not limited to downloading of racial, child pornographic or other illegal material.

d) The hotel is totally smoke free. Smoking guests might use the balcony if the doors/windows are closed and if neighboring guests accepts this. Violating the smoke prohibit can lead to sanitation cost where the guest will be held responsible. Sanitation cost is from minimum CHF 400 and up to actual costs.

e) The Hotel follows the local regulations for age in the Bar and the Public areas. Children are allowed together with their parents during the “after-ski” until latest 7 p.m. This normally excludes children from the Hoheneck Bar (where alcohol is served) later in the evenings.

f) The guests need to respect the local custom “Ruhe bitte 22”.

g) The hotel reserves the right to expel guests who are violating the hotel rules and local customs.

Engelberg, December 2014

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